How to Place Rugs in Kids Rooms

Not everyone is born with interior decorator skills to boot, so some of us may need a few tips when laying out our kids bedrooms. You see its all about where one places the rugs which makes all the difference! We just love Armadillo & Co’s guide on how to place rugs in junior rooms.

As well as adding softness, rugs can add colour and whimsy to children’s rooms. Tuck the rug slightly under the bed to ensure little feet can find it easily. In a shared bedroom, place the rug between the beds to visually connect them and create a central play space. Smaller round rugs work well in nurseries under or next to cribs or make smaller spaces feel intimate and playful.

Sizes 0.98 m/ 1.22 m / 1.55 m diameter are deal for  placing under cots or cribs.
Sizes 0.98 m/ 1.22 m / 1.55 m diameter are ideal for placing in front of kids beds.
Sizes 1.2 x 1.6,  1.4 x 2 m or 1.7 x 2.4 m are ideal for placing between or in front of beds.

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