How to inspire your kids to start blogging

What better way for your kids to explore their creativity, hobbies and writing skills than to start their own blog? If you are still new to this online venture, have a look at what we have to say about blogging for kids and how you can inspire them to create their own.

The Benefits of Blogging for Kids

Not only will journaling or blogging help with language and literature skills, but it will help your child to express his/her emotions as well. Blogging will allow them to explore the ideas that wonder through their minds. Blogging might even lead to the start of a online business venture or e-commerce store. Who knows, they might just be the next, great entrepreneurs waiting for a platform to showcase their talent.

Writing a few blogs per week will improve your child’s technical and computer skills and teach them to stand up for what they believe in. Blogging will allow them to create a voice for themselves, this self-expression could lead to a positive attitude and feelings of accomplishment.

Inspire with other blogs

A smart way to encourage your kids to take their hobbies and activities online, is to show them blogs of other kids with similar interests. If your kid is a budding chef, show them what other kids his/her age are up to. This will create a feeling of community and might even inspire them to surpass the other blogs. Try to find someone relatively equal to your kid so that he/she won’t be discouraged or intimidated to start their own blog.

As your kid will start to gain a following they will get the chance to interact with other kids from all over the world. It will keep them open-minded, help them deal with critics and boost their confidence in their craft.

Encourage with Positive Motivation

Developing your kids’ communication and technical skills will really pay off in the long run as with kids – they sometimes need motivation. Make use of a positive motivation model to inspire them to take their stories, products or entrepreneurial ventures online. Instead of short-lived rewards they will be inspired to make long term changes and find pleasure in new experiences, research, growth and meaningful conversations. Allow them to feel empowered by practicing their new skills instead of relating the art of blogging to a chore or forced activity.

Make it a Family Affair

Start a family blog in order to introduce the entire family to blogging. This way the responsibility would be shared and you will be able to test whether it’s something the kids enjoy or not. Each child could have their separate page to discuss topics, ideas, creative projects, short stories or even just photos. It’s up to them to ‘fill’ their pages and do their part in showcasing the family’s journey.

This is also a great opportunity for them to explore different niches and develop ideas. From here on, they can choose the niche that they find most enjoyable and create a different blog on this topic for which they will be responsible.

When they are still young, you might want to start co-blogging as a family so that you can still manage the content and comments, but guide them through this newly acquired skill.

Allow them To Curate their Experiences

Alongside inspiring your kids to start blogging, you also have to give them the freedom to curate their own lives. Writing and posting images to their pages can be a very personal process, try to steer clear from directing their content and micro-managing the process. However, always assure them that you are there to help and guide them through the process should they need assistance and help. Use the blog as a learning curve for both their online expression and your ability to take a step back when needed.

Of course, there are certain limits to what they can or can’t say online, but allow them to explore their own feelings and boundaries. Also read our article on online safety to learn about the risks involved in being active online.

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