How Bedtime Stories Can Boost Your Child’s Imagination.

Reading bedtime stories to your children can be a great way to help your child relax and wind down after a busy day. These stories and tales will help them develop their imagination which is highly beneficial in creating a well established sense of self.

Some kids might be more imaginative than others, but it’s best for you to help them hone this skill none the less. Bedtime stories enable your child to create their own worlds, whether it’s a land far far away, or tiny humans living in the kitchen drawer. Bedtime stories introduce the framework for a story that will come to life in your child’s mind. It’s through this imagination that they can ‘see’ the setting, ‘smell’ the food, and ‘hear’ the whispers that you are referring to.

With television, tablets, consoles and digital media playing such a big role in the upbringing of our children these days, we forget to go back to the basics. Instead of your child seeing characters on screen; they should rather be ‘creating’ these characters, scenery and situations for themselves.

Imagination allows and empowers your children to express both negative and positive emotions. This quality will help him or her to develop a semblance of balance in life” – Brainy Child

Your child might even resonate with one of the characters, giving you as a parent insight into what is going on in your child’s psyche. Helping them to connect their imagination to a framework such as the story being read, will help them work through emotions and feelings without even realising it. As an article published on Amerikanki explains; ‘Children should have a healthy imagination because it makes their mind work and teaches them to think quickly, yet effectively. They will therefore be able to find efficient solutions to problems in the future because of the power of their imagination’.

Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories

  • Improved listening skills and comprehension
  • Understanding articulation and tone of voice
  • Making ‘friends’ with the characters
  • Learning about situations in life
  • Building on their imagination
  • Confidence levels and coping with feelings improve
  • Developing language and learning skills
  • Learning of healthy empathy
  • Problem-solving and finding solutions
  • Inspiring a love for reading
  • Developing thinking and analytical skills

These are just a few of the many benefits of engaging your child in bedtime stories. Building on their imagination plays such a big role in raising a well-balanced child. Best of all, it doesn’t only help your kid – but it allows you to connect and bond with your child while dreaming and imagining a world of your own!

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