Gorgeous Play Tents to Inspire Imagination

Play tents do not only add plenty to the look of your child’s room – they also offer a number of unique benefits. Many occupational therapists recommend teepees and other similar tents to parents whose children are dealing with sensory issues. Children who fall within the autism spectrum also benefit from covered or semi-covered play areas, while kids dealing with various other physical and emotional issues may also find that teepees and hanging tents offer a nurturing, safe space to play or relax.

Keep reading to find out which play tents are the best choice for kids, and to get our top picks on beautiful tents for little ones.

The Best Play Tents for Kids

Choosing the right play tents will come down to a few factors, from personal taste to the age, stage and preference of the child.


Bunni Ice Blue Teepee
Bunni Ice Blue Teepee

If your child likes to escape into a private world, a teepee is sure to be a great addition to any bedroom or playroom. What makes them excellent for imaginative play is that they allow little ones to have their own space. The sense of feeling ‘away’ from the world provides children with a safe space to let their imaginations run free. A wide range of adorable styles is on offer here at Clever Little Monkey. Our favourites include the Bunni Petroleum Teepee, in a vibrant gender-neutral colour; the classic Bunni Flags Ivory Teepee; and the simple Bunni Grey Teepee. The Bunni range is made by hand from strong, easy to clean fabric and sturdy supports that are non-slip and easy to insert.

Hanging Tent Canopies

Hanging Tent Canopy - Dove Grey
Hanging Tent Canopy – Dove Grey

Hanging tents offer a versatile semi-covered canopy that is ideal for quiet time and reading. The canopy can be easily attached from the ceiling, or from a tree branch or hook, indoors or outdoors. Some canopies are made from durable stretch fabric, while others are made from whispy mesh fabric. Perfect for boys and girls bedrooms or playrooms, these hanging tents can be packed away quickly and easily. For best results, position a soft mat or sheepskin beneath the tent. You could also use cushions to create a soft, comfy quiet play area for your little one. Our favourite hanging tents include the soft and pretty Hanging Tent Canopy Netting in Pink; the stretchy Hanging Tent Canopy in Midnight Blue; and the neutral-toned Hanging Tent Canopy in Dove Grey.

Hanging Tent Canopy - Netting - White
Hanging Tent Canopy – Netting – White

Ready to see what else we have in stock? Browse our full range of play tents for kids and shop safely and simply online at Clever Little Monkey.


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