DIY: brown paper giftwrap

DIY: Brown Paper Giftwrap Ideas

If you are as excited about the holidays as we are then you will love our new ideas on how to gift wrap your presents with simple brown paper and some creativity!

Read on to see what clever things can be done with affordable brown paper.

Get creative with white paint on your brown paper giftwrap

Everyone who has kids ( aka you and me) should have brown paper in the house right? And what about some white craft paint….right? Now….where was it again???

Once you have found it, simply lay out your brown paper and spatter, streak and stipple to get a texture that you like. Once the paper is dry finish the look with some cute ribbons or rope for the best looking crafty presents around that not only look stylish but will make your receivers of gifts feel very special in deed.

Brown paper giftwrap
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Add some handpainted cards

Once you have done your white dotty look across your brown paper giftwrap, get out some black ink and a lovely thick brush and pretend you are Japanese for an hour. You will have so much fun painting out the names of all your guests and who knows you will probably end up with some watercolour landscapes or trees on the left over paper that can serve as one of your handpainted gifts! Throw in some elegantly thin white sprayed branches and you have a look everyone will love.

Brown paper gftwrap
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Bring in a touch of nature

If you aren’t feeling very painterly then just take a stroll through your garden and pick a variety of dark green leaves. If you live in the Western Cape opt for the lovely Fynbos varieties or enjoy your man-made forest in JHB by picking some leaves. You can also use hardy and long-lasting foliage like Penny Gum, Ferns or Ruscus, which will all last under the tree until Christmas morning.

And did you see those gorgeous black punch Dymo labels?? Every home should have one! The black punched out letters look awesome with the brown paper giftwrap.

Brown paper Giftwrap
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All wrapped up

Feeling all tied up and no energy to paint or draw? Then this option is for you! Buy some colourful ribbon, thread or shiny rope and go berserk! We love this look for its simplicity and graphic appeal



Brown paper giftwrap
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Sticker names

You can easily add some handwritten circle stickers to hold your wrapping together. Just glue them straight on!

This look lets the receiver feel like they are getting a customised individually packaged gift especially for them! Don’t forget to add your touch of greenery 🙂

Brown paper giftwrap
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Oh my beating heart!

Last but not least, our very favourite, the two tone 3D cutout look. So simple yet so effective. First wrap your gift with a bright and sparkly paper for some added pizazz and then draw your hearts and carefully cut out half if every heart with a craft knife. Wrap the present for a second time and voila! You can fold over your hearts for the ultimate of gifts.

What gift wrapping ideas have you mastered? Let us know in the comments below.


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