Such A Gift To Give Your Child – A Lifelong Love Of Reading

We are away for a week of the school holidays and the first thing Elijah asked me to pack for him were his books. I almost had to take a whole separate suitcase for them.

Darrell and I were such bookworms, such nerds. Darrell had even alphabetized our library in our old home after he did not think that the colour coding of them he had done looked so nice. When we would go away we would take libraries of books with us. And yes I was such a nerd that I was a proud member of the Tulbagh library. So I just adore that Elijah has inherited the love of reading from us. He can sit for hours with his little nose pressed into a book. I have an early reader on my hands and he has been teaching himself to read certain words. Such a proud mum. Children learn by example and if they see you reading they will want to do it too.

Reading is not only enjoyable for children but is hugely beneficial. They are exercising their brains, improving their concentration and developing their imaginations. Plus it is time away from screens!  Elijah is currently favouring a Rupert The Bear Annual I bought from a Charity shop. Which brings me to another topic. Books need not be expensive. You can buy so many books from Charity shops. Yes, they are slightly tattier but that just adds to the appeals as they have been well-loved already. Elijah and I will always end our day with a few pages of his favourite book before I tuck him into bed and kiss him goodnight.

Do your children also love to read? If so, what are some of their favourite books? I’m constantly looking for new and exciting books for Elijah!

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