Sebra Cot Bed Clever Little Monkey

How To Ensure Your Baby’s Cot Is Worth Every Rand Spent

When it comes to picking the right place for your baby to sleep, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your money is well spent.

We always try to tick all the boxes when choosing a bed to recommend. It’s simple: we want to ensure that it’s the best quality and adheres to the highest standards. Sometimes this means that the item is expensive, but when you keep in mind that it can be used for 7 years then things change dramatically.

Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure you get the best deal when you search for the ideal kids bed:

1) Functionality

Try to find something that you can use for a relatively long time.

Finding a cot/ bed that will grow with your child as he/ she develops and grows ensures that your investment is stretched over a longer period. Imagine saving time & effort to find a bed once they’re a little older.

Having a cot that can convert where you can, for instance, take rails out as your baby grows is preferable as you can instantly change the setup to suit your needs.

2) Timeless and Unique

Across the board we all want the best for our children.

Everyone’s different and it’s a value that we try to inspire in our children. This is so deeply engrained into our mindset that we are always on the lookout for ways and things to make us stand out and proclaim our uniqueness. A way to show our individuality, if you will.

Choosing a cot for your baby room is the same. Whether you want to get a standard baby crib, a travel cot, foldable cot or a more classic cot. Each style says something about you.

3) Safety first

It’s pretty obvious, but keeping safety in mind should actually be listed as the number one priority.

When picking the right cot a strong, sturdy design that can be trusted is important. Be sure that the paint and materials are non-toxic and that the cot is treated with antibacterial, environmentally friendly and non-toxic wood paint to ensure a cleaner indoor environment that will help to protect your child’s health.

Sebra cot bed Clever Little Monkey

The perfect choice

Now that you know what our checklist looks like when we search for the best cots/ children’s beds on the market you’ll understand that it’s not an easy task sifting through all the available suppliers and their products to find THE BEST.

We do believe that we have narrowed it down to designs that can be trusted.

One of the cot beds that we highly recommend and that fits in perfectly with all of the above factors is the Sebra cot bed.

Since its conception in the 1940’s the original design was updated in a number of areas to meet current safety requirements as per the European safety standard for children’s beds.

It’s a timeless and precious design, based on the idea that the bed should be able to grow with the child and be safe. The bed’s design is unique and distinctive, and back in the 1940’s, it was very special for that time, as it focused on the safety of the child.

The Sebra cot bed can be used from the time your child is born and will grow as your child develops and grows. It is also equipped with an adjustable base, and the various options make it possible to continually find new possibilities for use.

Manufactured from birchwood, it comes in white, grey and pastel pink. The interior length is of 112.5 cm with a width of 70 cm as a baby bed which later converts to a junior bed with an internal length of 155 cm.

Cot Grows With Your Child Clever Little Monkey

To learn more about this bed and our other Sebra items go check it out here.

Let us know what you think about the product by commenting below or joining us on our social media pages. You know how much we love to hear from you.



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