Ways to Create an Accent Wall in Your Child’s Room

Are you looking for a creative way to spice up your little one’s room and ignite their imaginations daily? An accent wall is the ideal way to add character and interest into their bedroom, here are some of our favourite ways to create accent walls in kid’s rooms:


Decals are a fun and easy way to create an accent wall in your child’s room; they’re easy and quick to apply and can also be removed in an instant if you’re suddenly feeling like a change. Have a look at our collection of decals and get inspired!

Create an accent wall in minutes with fun and funky decals!


Art Prints

A statement art print or a collection of smaller art prints create a stunning accent piece for your child’s room. By letting them choose their own art prints, it’s also a great way for your child to express their unique personality and make their room feel extra special to them.

Create a stunning accent wall with an oversized art print. Image source: Vanessa Francis Design
A collection of smaller framed art prints are another great way to create a feature wall that your little one will love!


With wallpaper back and bigger than ever, it’s the perfect way to create an accent wall in your child’s room. With thousands and thousands of options to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can do with wallpaper at your side!

From monochrome patterns to realistic jungle scenes, anything is possible with wallpaper!


Although murals are a much bigger commitment, they also create the most unique and stunning accent walls in children’s rooms and will be loved by your little one for years to come.

Paint your own mural in your little one’s room to create a special accent wall that your child will treasure. Image source: thislittlestreet

Colour Features

A colour feature accent wall is another simple and more minimalist way to create character in your child’s room. Make sure to pick a fun colour that compliments the bedroom’s decor yet also creates an interesting contrast within the space.

A simple splash of paint is an easy and fail-safe way to create a fun accent wall in your child’s room!

An accent wall will ignite your child’s imagination and create a special backdrop to all of their happy memories that will be made in their bedroom in the years to come. Which one of the featured accent walls is your favourite?

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