Cooking with teens

No More Mom Slaves Here! Cooking With Teens

I thought I had officially come right to the end of my tether when it comes to cooking for our teen kids every night. I feel like I am constantly rushing out of home in the mornings, working all day and then rushing home only to realise that I forgot to plan supper….yet again. Sound familiar? Well, read on to see what I did instead.

Cooking with teens

It’s not that I hate cooking at all, I actually really enjoy it, if only I had some more time in my day to cook with teens. I have tons of interesting recipes saved and quite a collection of really good vegetarian cookbooks exactly to solve this problem. Thing is, all those lovely ingredients just aren’t always in my fridge and if I didn’t research what I wanted to make I wouldn’t know what to buy. Not to mention that I have now officially exhausted all possible vegetarian Woolies options seeing that several of our kids are vegetarian, my husband loves meat and we both adore chilli.

Asking for help

Ok, so it’s not all that bad. Some nights I am actually pretty organised. I just wanted you to feel sorry for me. But no matter how organised I am, I’m still the one standing in the kitchen making dinner, and sometimes 4 versions of it, and yes, my husband does help and sometimes he even does it all. Asking for help from the kids mostly results in loud laments of how much homework they have or that they are just finishing this ” one thing” they are doing or busy on their phones with friends. Needless to say, by the time they are done dinner is already served.

The magic plan

So really, this post is about solving two problems ( because my vegetarian kids really won’t like me saying that I can kill two birds with one stone).  I thought to myself, how do I get them to get more involved so that I am no longer the dinner slave and how do I get them to eat more interesting recipes at the same time? Well, there you have it, here comes the perfect solution to cooking with teens. I asked them to research their own recipes, send us a list of what ingredients they will need and be sure not to choose recipes with bread or pasta. Each kid booked a night of the week and they were in charge of cooking. And did I mention that they are teens and pre-teens? So they are perfectly capable don’t you think?


Well, was I surprised! Not only did the kids take it quite seriously, they loved making something they chose and made themselves. It boosted their sense of self-worth and achievement noticeably too and will help prepare them for one day soon when they will leave the house and need to fend for themselves. They were so complimentary towards each other and each parent got to bond with a different child to help them with their meal. And the best part of it all is that they often ate things they thought or proclaimed they didn’t like. My lonesome days of cooking for kids are over!

Here are two of the recipes we tried, I hope you will do this with your kids and hope to read about it in the comments section below.

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