A One Of A Kind Collaboration With Pedersen + Lennard

We recently collaborated with SA designer brand Pedersen + Lennard to showcase their selection of designer baby and kids furniture and to create different looks that you can bring home with you. Let’s have a closer look at what our creative team got up to. 

Behind The Scenes At Pedersen + Lennard

When we arrived at the Pedersen + Lennard Showroom at Woodstock Exchange in Cape Town, we walked into a creative space ready to take on a day of shooting. Our creative team planned different nursery colourways and looks that pair well within a contemporary space to show you just how good your Pedersen + Lennard furniture will look in your space. Here we show you just how to combine a new Lorena Canals rug design with our in-house Bunni bedding ranges. The day kickstarted with our Emerald Nursery pictured above. Let’s have a closer look at the elements used in four of the shoots that are on trend for baby nurseries and kids bedrooms.

Emerald Nursery

For our Emerald Nursery, the Oak Wood Compactum, Baby Cot and High Chair from Pedersen + Lennard offers the perfect backdrop to create a space that inspires growth for your baby. With emerald being a colour that encourages growth, reflection, peace, and balance – these sentiments inspired us to create this nursery look.

Pedersen + Lennard

Pictured above from the ground up, we have the new Lorena Canals Geometric Rug coupled with the Emerald Tassel Basket. Both these products are made from 100% Cotton and are machine-washable, making it the perfect accessories for your baby nursery. The Geometric Rug ties the room together, offering a round shape with different emerald colour variants.

When looking at the baby cot from Pedersen + Lennard, the first thing one notices is the solid wood frame and base that acts as the foundation of this beautiful convertible cot. The mild steel fence on the one side can easily be removed for easy conversion from baby cot to toddler bed. What we love is the unique storage unit on the side of the cot, for easy storage of baby goodies, typical of P + L style.

Pedersen + Lennard Baby Cot - Detail

Here we have added our Stone Traditional Cot Set and styled it with our Seafoam Velvet Circle and Star Scatter. The bedding is made from 100% cotton chambray, so your baby will have a comfortable night’s rest. The neutral tone of the bedding with the soft green in the scatter brings cohesion to the space.

The Pedersen + Lennard Compactum offers you ample space to store all of your baby’s necessities with a solid flat wooden surface to make changing easy. Also made from solid oak wood and mild steel with a white finishing, you can be assured of the best quality for your baby. The Pedersen + Lennard KPA High Chair follows suit in its design. The legs can easily be removed to turn it into a junior chair.

Pedersen + Lennard Compactum

Modern Bedroom Fit For A Teen

For a modern look and feel for your kid’s bedroom, the Pedersen + Lennard Calvin Bed offers a contemporary look for their space coupled with the Huguenot Bedside Table. The bed and side table have a solid oak wood frame with mild steel edging.

Pedersen + Lennard

Pictured above we created a soft neutral toned bedroom setup for your tween and teens. We brought in the Lorena Canals Geometric Frame Rug to add to the modern look of the furniture. On the bed, we have our Traditional Stone Duvet Set with our Velvet Scatters in vintage nude pink and emerald. Notice how beautiful these scatters play off the colours in the rug.

Beautiful Botanics For A Summer Bedroom

We absolutely love Botanics for summer. With this look, we brought in everything green and eco-inspired. What stands out is the Lorena Canals Botanic Plants Rug and Lorena Canals Monstera Leaf Cushion on the floor that works perfectly with natural plants in this bedroom setup. Our Traditional Stone Bedding works well with this bedroom setting as its neutral tone plays off the greens and natural tones in the rug and scatters.

Pedersen + Lennard

The Contemporary Study Nook

With exam stresses this time of year and the daily study workload for teens and kids alike, a workable space to study is essential. The Pedersen + Lennard KPA Desk offers a solid wooden desktop that gives your teens ample space to study and do projects. With clever shelving built into the steel frame of the desk and cable trays, their study essentials will be right where they need it to be on a neat surface. The Botanic Plants Rug from Lorena Canals Rugs offers a balance between modern contemporary and soft tones to enhance and motivate learning.

Pedersen + Lennard

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