Chores For Little People

Not having help in the home is proving to be quite hard with just Elijah and I but I am also using it as a great learning experience. Elijah is at the right stage where he gains so much from doing things for himself and doing chores around the home. Gone are the days (i.e..when I was growing up) that everything was done for us, waking up with a cup of tea in bed, meals laid out without anyone helping.

I have drawn up a list of all the chores I would like Elijah to do and I can see the great look of satisfaction on his face when he does them. It is a two-man show after all in our house!

These are what he does:

1. He makes his bed in the morning. Yes, it is a mess but he will learn in time to do it properly if he wants to be neat.

2. He takes off his night nappy first thing in the morning and goes to throw it into the dustbin.

3. He puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket when he has taken them off.

4. He helps me set the dinner table every night. And he clears away his plate.

5. He cleans up any spills that he has made which are making him spill less. Bonus!

6. He picks up his toys after he has finished playing with them. This often takes a while as when he comes back to pack them away he often starts a whole new game. Who can relate?

I feel that by doing this I am raising a responsible child who will grow up into a responsible adult. Now to just get him to pack the dishwasher and bring me coffee in bed in the morning and my job will be done.

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