B&W nurseries by Kideroo

B&W Nurseries by Kideroo

Have you been looking for nursery bedding without characters or plain fabrics? Well, now you know exactly why Kideroo came about.  B&W nurseries by Kideroo are on trend. Zita is a mompreneur that makes monochrome baby bedding and nursery decor for parents who think like her and like all things modern and on trend.

Kideroo is made in SA

The beautiful part of this, is that all Kideroo’s products are made in South Africa, using handpicked fabrics and handmade finishes. They don’t have large factories, cramped conditions or underpaid workers.  Kideroo is proud of their processes, they look after their people and they love their products above all… you will soon see why.

Safest fabrics for baby

Like all mothers, Zita wanted the best and safest products for her baby. In her eyes, that meant using 100% cotton for her cot duvet sets. The craftsmanship and versatility of cotton made it the perfect choice for her own baby and her family. Zita reckons cotton is also the best fabric for your delicate newborn’s skin.

You’ve definitely come to the right place if you want a striking nursery for your little one.

B&W stimulates baby’s vision

Kideroo is inspired by B&W trends. Zita did her research and found that the best way to stimulate your baby’s vision and improve early recognition, is by using black and white or high-contrast bold patterns and images.

That’s why Kideroo’s collection of linen, décor  & baby rattles is designed to give your baby the most visually stimulating start to life. It helps that monochrome has gained widespread recognition whilst the B&W trend has been catching on worldwide. Pair these with white and your nursery decor will remain fresh and timeless.

Kideroo wants you to be brave by mixing and matching patterns or adding bright, pops of primary colour. This will ensure that you curate a gender-neutral nursery with minimal décor that is modern, sophisticated and striking.

Surround your baby with black and white and watch their eyes light up! Its tried and trusted in Zita’s nursery. Why not try it yourself? According to experts, babies have an easier time focusing on high contrast objects during this stage of development.



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  1. Love your material. Do you sell to public.

    1. Hi Annalee, yes we will contact you via e-mail.

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