Bjorn Bunk Bed

Bjorn Bunk Bed

Just launched at Clever Little Monkey, the Bjorn Study Bunk Bed offers a modern, versatile bunk that is ideal for kids of ages 6 and up. This Scandivanian style kids bed is made of metal and wood finish, with extra-strong supports, a ladder, movable safety rail, solid baseboards and smooth finish.

However this versatile bunk is used and styled, it will add the perfect touch to any child’s room. To help you get a better idea of what the Bjorn Bunk Bed will offer, we’re giving you an exclusive look at this modern bed.

The Bjorn Bunk Bed – A Modern Bed with Plenty of Style

Practical yet stylish; contemporary yet durable, the Bjorn Bunk Bed is sure to be in high demand at Clever Little Monkey. Here’s why we love this bunk bed for kids.

Bjorn Study Bunk Bed


Modern and stylish.

With its contemporary metal supports, clean lines and simple design, this gorgeous bunk bed fits into just about any decor and colour scheme and is suitable for boys or girls ages 6 and up. The bunk is made from a high-quality wood finish, further adding to its modern style and making it easy to clean. Designed to grow with your child from their childhood years through their tweens and teens, this unit can be adapted to the style of your child’s room as it changes.

Finish the look with one of our ultra-modern, fully washable 100% cotton Lorena Canals rugs, which offer the latest rug styles imported from Spain.

Bjorn Study Bunk

Compact for optimal use of room space.

This bunk will work well in rooms of any size. Because it has space for sleeping and playing, storage and homework, it reduces the need for additional floor space. In smaller rooms, this will be especially useful. A matching desk is available separately, fitting perfectly under the bunk without taking up too much space. There is also space for a trendy beanbag, such as our oh-so-comfy FlipSak Beanbag, which is available in a range of fun colours. For kids sharing a bedroom, an additional single or three-quarter bed can also fit perfectly underneath the Bjorn bunk. If a desk is not required then even a double bed can fit underneath!

Bjorn Study Bunk

Versatile, safe and easy to install.

The ladder can be placed on the right-hand side of the bunk or the safety rail can be moved far left or far right along the front of the bunk which allows one to also mount the ladder at the front of the bunk if space is tight. The safety rail does not have a gap where arms or fingers can be trapped. This makes it safe for younger children who have recently progressed to bunk beds. Like most of our kids’ furniture, this bunk is purchased and installed from a flat pack that is easy to assemble with assembly options in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

Bjorn Study Bunk

Look out for this bed in our online store to be first in line to own one of these versatile bunks. If you’d like to be notified of other new arrivals, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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    1. Hi Marie-Louise, all prices are avialable on the product pages.

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