The Best Kids Beds for Small Rooms

In smaller bedrooms, kids beds can all too easily overpower the room. Finding just the right bed that does not take up every bit of space can be frustrating. Luckily, once you have an idea of what to look for, there are a number of space savvy beds to consider that will give your little one a space to relax, sleep, and dream… without cramping or crowding.

As we get a little bit further into the new year, join us as we share some of our beautifully made kids beds that are ideal for even the smallest of small rooms.

Space Savvy Kids Beds

Some of our top picks for space-savvy kids beds include the following…

Flant & Mungo Bed

Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed - Grey & Walnut
Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed – Grey & Walnut

A Bunk Bed in Walnut and Grey has never seemed more logical. While a Bunk Bed is a child’s dream, walnut paired with grey is any stylish parent’s dream. We have combined the two and ta -dah! The Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed in Grey & Walnut.

The Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed can convert into two single beds and has useful shelving and cubby space at the foot end.

Lori Single Bed

Vox Lori Bed

With its simple design and hidden storage, the Lori Single Bed is ideal for children of all ages, from little ones to tall teens, because of its extra length. This elegant bed has a storage shelf hidden behind its headboard – ideal for books, nightlights, torches, midnight snacks, and other small items. Made from graphite, with a sturdy frame, oak legs, and an oak headboard, this bed will suit just about every decor style with ease.

Adventure 3 Sleeper Bunk

Adventure 3 Sleeper Bunk Bed
Adventure 3 Sleeper Bunk Bed

Perfect for shared rooms, and for those who love to host sleepovers as well, the Adventure 3 Sleeper Bunk features two 3/4 beds on the top and bottom bunks, plus an additional single pull-out bed. Warm wood is paired with modern white finishes in this versatile bunk bed, which is ideal for children of 6 years and up. There are no snapping ladders – instead, the bed’s clever design ensures that kids can get up and down the bed safely and easily. With built-in storage, each child has their own private place to keep their essentials.

Spot Bunk Bed

Vox Spot Bunk Bed
Vox Spot Bunk Bed

Giving you an all-in-one solution that includes a bunk bed, chest of drawers, and bookcase, the Spot Bunk Bed is ideal for boys and girls. What makes this bed so perfect for small rooms is that it reduces the need for additional furniture. Books, clothing, toys, and other goods can be stored without taking up extra room. Add-ons such as the retractable clothing rail further enhance the use of space for this bed, making it the perfect choice for kids, tweens, and teenagers.

Even in the smallest of small rooms, these beautiful kids beds from Clever Little Monkey are sure to make the best use of the space you have available.

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