Behind the scenes of spanish brand Lorena Canals.

With the fresh arrival of new rug designs from Lorena Canals in South Africa, we though it would be interesting to talk about what happens behind the scenes with regards to the inspiration behind and the manufacturing of these gorgeous rugs which are designed in Spain, hand-made in India and brought to you in SA by Clever Little Monkey.

100% natural materials are used to hand-make these artisanal handwoven rugs. Non-toxic dyes are used and the rugs are environmentally friendly. They also comply with international standards and regulations. Extensive quality controls are undergone and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and AITEX certificates have been acquired.

But most importantly, Lorena Canals is socially responsible and help to control non-child labour:

Lorena Canals provides schooling for children in northern India. 

“With the purchase of each Lorena Canals rug, customers have the opportunity to help a child attend school. We believe that education is the key to mobility and vital in breaking the poverty cycle. So our customers not only help children get an education but also the opportunity for a better life.” 

Ritika, RamLal, Daksh, Aarty, Nancy and Arian are the names of the designs of the new collection of washable rugs by Lorena Canals. The Mix Collection includes 6 different colours which are named after these 6 of the many children who are being schooled thanks to the benefits of this collection.

Lorena Canals has launched this campaign to defend the right of all children to be educated. Since its beginning, Lorena Canals has collaborated in different social projects, but this is the most significant initiative to date, which is directed at the children.

In 2008, Lorena Canals carried out the construction and maintenance of a Nursery in northern India, to provide a safe place to children who spend their days in the streets without any security, so that they can receive care and attention.

These last years, the company has started collaborating with the Baba Jodh Sachiyar Public School in Haryana, India. As a result, there are already more than 100 kids who are being schooled. 

To continue with the involvement in this project, Lorena Canals has decided to launch the new washable rugs collection called “Mix Collection” to promote schooling to children in India, with the hope of getting a very positive response from their customers, who trust in their products year after year.

If we can help them to live better, let’s do it! 

Mix Collection was recently presented at the latest international decoration trade shows, like Maison&Objet, Kind + Jugend, Playtime, Top Drawer, etc., where it has been widely accepted.

Mix Collection Lorena Canals

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