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Behind the scenes-easy DIY golden geometry

We needed some extra props for our new Clever Little Monkey CT showroom in Montague Gardens. With very little time and just a few materials (which we had lying around) we set to making our own golden geo shapes to decorate our Aspen range bookshelf. We loved the results, here’s how we did it…


Just a handful of straws, scissors, prestik and gold spraypaint can do wonders to create 3D decor.


Cut the straws into long and short bits of equal length. If you could only source the straws with the bendable tips make sure to first cut off the bendy bits as these will hinder your shape and surface texture. Next, roll little balls of prestik and join all the corners. This can be tricky but a little bit of patience will quickly get you there. Sometimes the ball of prestik needs to be a bit larger to allow for multiple straws coming in.

Before you know it you will end up with a stunning collection of interesting shapes, ready for the midas touch!


Simply lay them out on a protected surface and spray from about 15cm away in even strokes. Wait for the front to dry , then spray the other side from every imaginable angle.


We’d love to see some pics of your creations too!

You can find our new showroom at the Bowline Fulfilment Warehouse, Unit 10, North Precinct, West Building, Topaz Boulevard, Montague Park 7411.

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