Back To School On A Low Note

So it is back to school for most of us this week. I was so dreading this day. Elijah and I have had such an awesome time just doing things with the two of us. Yes it is quite tiring, actually very tiring but so very very rewarding too, it also does not really allow for me to get much work done. We have gone on so many adventures and really just bonded with each other after quite a hard first term. Elijah took quite a long time to adjust to his big new pre school and many a day I just wanted to take him out, escape to the country side and let him be unschooled*.

*Unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning.

He kept on getting bugs and needing to stay home and then missing out on making friends with everyone in his class. But after a rough start he was fully into it and loved going to school and especially loved seeing his friends there. And there where no more bugs.

So I prepared him well for going back to school this term. I let him help me pick out his snacks for school on the grocery run and we talked about how he was missing his friends and teacher and that he would get to see them soon.

He was so excited. We woke up early and went through our morning routine without a hitch. Breakfast was eaten, snack box made and packed, even teeth were brushed without one little tremble of Elijah’s bottom lip. I dropped him off at school with absolutely no problem. Rushed off to the shops to do some chores when I got the dreaded message from Elijah’s school. “Elijah has vomited all over himself” The term has barely even started and Elijah has a bug already.

How do you boost your childs immunity? With Winter approaching we are really going to up our game. Last Winter Elijah would pick up a bug, pass it to me and get better, only for me to pass it back to him. We spent about four months like this.

What my plan of action is, is for both of us to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, get enough sunshine and outdoor playing time, take our vitamins and just to live happy, healthy lives.

I am wishing all great, healthy and happy second terms. We have got this. Now I just need to do see to my little sickling.






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