Calming The Craziness

Let’s talk mess!

And just like that it is February! How is it possible that we are already over the first month in 2018? I still feel like it is 1999! How are you all coping with the back-to-school craziness? Have your kiddies all settled in? Elijah has just started at a new much bigger school, there were some tears. his and mine and we have both been unwell which has not helped with him settling in but we both seem to be back to “rearing to go” mode.

What method do you use to keep things tidy amongst the chaos?

Productivity is the key for this year. Are you wishing the school holidays were over or were you wanting your little ones home with you for that little bit longer like me? And how are the millions of crazy extra murals going? These are all new for us. How is it possible that going from relaxing-holiday-mode to big-boy-school-mode can made such a mess, and so fast. I feel like I am forever sorting out toys and while sorting out I am making even more of a mess. I am in definite need of a simple storage solution. Without the correct storage system in place my mind seems too much of a muddle and that is not how I want to start out the year.

“How is it that such little people can make such a big mess?”

What I am grateful for is a chance to get my house sorted finally while Elijah is at school. How is it that little people can make such a mess? It can be all clean and then a few minutes later crayons are flying everywhere, there is glue trampled in the carpet and every single toy has been tipped out of the toy box. So what I would like to know is how to organize kiddie’s toys. what method do you use? I hope to be super productive this year and I definitely feel in order to be so you need to be organized and have an uncluttered living space.

I love to keep all of Elijah’s toys in storage baskets – they’re such a convenient place to throw everything into each evening to quickly clear away the day’s clutter.

One method I am reading up on is to divide all your children’s toys into 7 storage bags or baskets. You could find some fun ones with the days of the week printed on them. And each day you only bring out that days basket and at the end of the day all the toys get packed away (hopefully with little ones help) for the following week. Firstly there will be less mess around, plus your child won’t get bored with their toys so quickly. It can also help them get to know the days of the week!

Funny story but before I was a mom I used to do this in a way with my toy-crazy dog and it worked wonders. So that is my plan for this weekend; to sort out all the toys, donate what Elijah does not play with anymore, store what he does in 7 baskets and to throw in a massive amount of playing and cuddling with my boy after his first full week at his new school.

What are you doing to try clear the clutter and get organised for the year ahead?







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