Adventure Tri-bunk giveaway

The Adventure Tri-Bunk: A Space Saver Perfect To Fit Any Kid’s Room

When you need just that little more bed but you don’t have space in your kid’s bedroom, the Adventure Tri-Bunk will definitely help resolve your space issues.

As a parent, you have probably encountered more than just one problem when it comes to laying out your kids’ rooms. Usually, parents want more space for a multitude of reasons such as accommodating toys & belongings, handling sleepovers easily and fitting into what generally amounts to tight spaces. Perhaps it looks like a cyclone regularly adjusts its course to cross your houses and you have to ask repeatedly that the room gets tidied up, or maybe the room’s layout is actually bothering you and you simply can’t get everything in the room to gel.

All of the above are the kind of things that we at Clever Little Monkey take into account when we present you with new products. We do our best to design and source simple, efficient and high-quality solutions such as the Adventure Tri-Bunk bed.

This triple bunk bed features a standard double bed at the bottom and a single at the top, giving you more than enough space for kids to have friends over without having to put them in the spare room or have them sleeping on the ground. It also means that a parent can easily lie in with younger children below.

Apart from offering an extra place to sleep, the top single bed has a convenient shelf, allowing the top dweller to store their cherished personal items or handy bedtime story books, lamps and decor items, not to mention the much-needed glass of water at night. This also means less getting up and down from the bunk because something may have been forgotten below.

As a parent, you’re probably tuned into your child’s safety and wellbeing 24/7 – for life. With the Tri-bunk, you can be assured of extra stability and security due to the sturdy metal slats & brackets that support the solid baseboards which look neat and tidy from below.

Adventure Tribunk bed

The side ladder can easily be configured on the left- or right-hand side of the bed depending on the room’s layout. As with the baseboards, the steps also have metal supports at the bottom to ensure you don’t have anything snapping under your child’s feet.

If you were worried about needing to buy special European size mattresses you’ll be happy to know that both the bottom and top bed fit standard South African double- and single bed mattresses. (Singles measure 188 x 91cm and doubles measure 188 x 137cm). Please note that top mattresses should not be thicker than 15cm to ensure the right height of bedsides for safety.

You may have realised by now that this bed gives you quite a lot of solutions in one package and will maximise your space usage in what could very well be a small room to start off with.  With the added benefit of good looks, timeless design and high-quality scratch-resistant surfaces, this bed will offer functionality and durability for any girl or boy’s room.

Now you can easily accommodate sleepovers without the hassle or lie comfortably during cuddle time. The only problem you might encounter now is choosing who gets to sleep on the bottom and top bunk!

Because we love this bed so much and we know how happy it will make you we have decided to give one away to one of our followers. Yes, that’s right. Until the end of May 2017, you have the chance to enter our competition and win an Adventure Tri-Bunk to the value of R7,345.

You’ll find the entry form below. Just follow the steps and enter as many times as you can. Good luck!



Adventure Tri-Bunk Bed Giveaway

Here’s a quick description for the more technical ones among us:


  • Sturdy design
  • Includes storage shelves
  • Laminate finish that is durable and scratch resistant
  • Fits standard SA single (188cm x 91cm) and double (137cm x 188cm) mattresses
  • Staircase can be installed on left or right-hand side


  • Height: 191.3cm
  • Length: 220.7cm (including ladder)
  • Depth: 143.2cm


  • Woodgrain laminated E1 MDF (medium density fibreboard)


  • Do not use a mattress higher than 15cm on the top bunk
  • This product ships flat pack and requires assembly
  • The top bed on a bunk bed is not suitable for use by children under the age of 6


  • Mattresses
  • Bedding and decor

Please comment below if you have already enjoyed all this bed has to offer and please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram channels so you can stay up to date when we have giveaways like this again.

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