About Us

About Us
Clever Little Monkey is passionate about bringing good design into kids’ spaces.

So you’ve spent a lot of time creating your own stylish interiors, now it’s time to create the quintessential space for your child. As parents, we at Clever Little Monkey know how important it is to not only love but also trust the products you bring into your child’s room.

We truly believe in the value of special time enjoyed with your kids in a space that works. At Clever Little Monkey, talking about those lazy afternoons where romping with dad on the floor of a well laid out room or reading a favourite book together on the bed means happiness all ‘round.

That’s why we travel the world to bring you a selection of the best kids furniture, bedding and decor at affordable prices, delivered to your door to help you create that perfect space for you and your kids.

Easy Peasy. Design and service you can trust, at the click of a button.