5 Nursery Essentials

5 Newborn Essentials

Shopping for your baby on the way can be so overwhelming, so let’s start with the newborn essentials.

We know, we know, there’s just so much to do and sooo much you need! (All these products don’t load themselves onto the website) Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Firstly, I don’t know which shopaholic mom-or-granny-to-be needs to hear this but repeat after me: you really do not need all of the goodies you think you do. All you need is love. Jokes, but you do need some nursery essentials, which happens to be the main topic of this blog post…

Newborn Essentials
Newborn Essentials

These nursery newborn essentials are in no specific order, but let’s start with the cot. Don’t worry if you don’t have one just yet, you still have a good few weeks, months if you want to dabble with co-sleeping. (Read our co-sleeping mo-sleeping post by mommy blogger Teri-Jane Row)

1. Cot

You spent days, weekends, testing and choosing your perfect bed and lounge set and your baby’s cot is going to be no different. Babies spend so much time in their cots, more than we spend in our perfectly curated lounges… Look for a cot that’s going to last the whole baby to toddler period. We’ll throw this in for free: As babies grow older, they like to stand up jump and even chew the cot, so safety and stability are essential.

4You Convertible Cot
4You Convertible Cot

We don’t mean to brag, but our cots next level. Three levels actually. Made from 100% safe MDF, our cots can adjust along with your little one by simply lowering the base as your baby gets older until you transform it into a toddler bed! From cot to a toddler bed, this is the most versatile piece of furniture you’ll come across!


2. Baby Bedding

Vox Baby Bedding Set 100x80 - Ivory
Vox Baby Bedding Set in Ivory

And for your convertible cot, a duvet set of course. The Pure Baby Collection by Vox fits any European sized cot perfectly.
The Pure Collection bedding is certified to be free of synthetics and chemicals. The covers are made of pure organic cotton, free from artificial fertilizers or chemicals used in crop production. The pillow and quilt are filled with hypo-allergic siliconated polyester fibers.
Yes, that’s right! No inners required here, making Vox the brand we never knew we needed… This cot set comes with a thick quilt and matching baby pillow, making it the not only one of the safest and comfortable cot sets for your baby, but also the most convenient for you!


3. Compactum

Compactums. An absolute necessity! Spacious drawers for nappies, products and clothes, with ample space on the top to change your little one into those very cute clothes and not always so cute nappies. Vox’s compactums are known for their functionality, as once the midnight drill is over, you can remove the changer and the compactum becomes a dresser!

Vox 4You Dresser Compactum
Vox 4You Dresser/Compactum


4. Baby Sleeping Bag

If you’re a parent, you want to invest in a baby sleeping bag, because it has nothing to do with camping and everything with peace of mind, safety and comfort! Purflo Sleepsacs comfortably keep your baby safe from newborn up to 18+ months! That’s one less factor of stress and peace of mind for a whole year and a half…

PurFlo Sleepsac Benefits
PurFlo Sleepsac Benefits

Three reasons you will love (and why you need) a baby sleeping bag:

  1. A baby sleeping bag prevents sleep disruption caused by blankets falling off or opening up during the night, eliminating the risk of SIDS.
  2. Baby sleeping bags are easily transportable and help reduce the trauma of going to bed in unfamiliar surroundings, think of all those car rides that let your baby sleep, only to be so rudely awakened when they have to be lifted from their car seats. With a sleeping bag, babies can be transferred to and from the car without being woken up.
  3. Babies are smart (especially yours!) and they can associate the sleeping bag with going to bed, improving bed-time and sleep quality.


5. Baby Blanket

Last but not least, because you already knew this one, you will need a baby blanket.  Swaddle season is all the time when you have a newborn baby! Various sizes, materials, patterns and shapes are available, dreamy, soft and soothing for your baby.

Ombre baby blanket in Vintage Nude Pink
Ombre baby blanket in Vintage Nude Pink

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