Cool things for teens rooms

5 Cool Things for Teen Bedrooms

Hey, I’m Blaiz and I’ve found a few pretty cool things for teen bedrooms. The stuff I’ve chosen in this list is 13 year old approved for sure.

1. Wooden Desk Man

Wooden Desk Man
Wooden Desk Man

This solid wooden desk man is not only a pretty cool decoration for your desk but it’s a great fidgeting toy which is fun to manipulate to change its gesture. It’s the best thing for teen’s bedrooms. Now you can pretend that you are deep in thought and studying physics when you are actually just mindlessly easing into fidget mode. You can play around with the man when you’re bored and you can even set him up to hold stuff for you when you are feeling lazy. The best thing about him is that he can DAB for you too, how awesome is that?? I know, right?

2. Batman Mood Light

Nanananananana ….BATMAN!! Do you hear that Batman theme song yet? This mood light is the quirky thing you’ve been looking for to add to your own bat cave or teens’ bedrooms. With it, you can become a hero in no time! The Batman light is reminiscent of the shape of a … yep, you guessed it, it’s a bat with lighting from behind, which allows you to call Batman IN A MOMENT’S NOTICE … just kidding, Batman doesn’t live in your area unless you have managed to move to Gotham lately. You can mount it on the wall or stand it on your desk. There’s no better way to clog up your desk than with cool stuff.

3. Bloc

Bloc Kids ottoman and fold-out bed
Bloc Kids ottoman and fold-out bed

What is Bloc do you ask?? It’s a cube ottoman by day that folds out into a bed by night. Now, who wouldn’t want one of those to hang out on? Bloc can be used in so many ways to entertain any age…building forts and hideouts for your younger siblings, building Bloc towers when you’re in the mood, or spreading out sleepover beds in the lounge, it’s also perfect for lounging about whilst gaming.


4. Menagerie Cat Pillow

Espresso Cat Scatter
Espresso Cat Scatter

Is it a cat or is it a pillow? No, it’s both!! It’s the product that includes both of most people’s favourite things; a cat and a pillow wrapped up in one. Entertain your feline friends in your teen’s bedrooms with this trendy dot pixel print pillow, it can also be littered on your bed so you have an army of soft, cuddly friends to keep you company. It’s a surefire hot choice for girls and it’s definitely a chick magnet if you’re a guy.










5. The Tri-bunk

Space saving bunk beds
Space saving bunk beds

Have you ever experienced those times when you only have two single beds in your teens’ bedrooms but three people actually need to sleep in them? And to make matters worse, we’re talking about 3 big teenagers who sleep starfish style across their own double bed most of the time. Worry no more, as I have found the Tri bunk that offers a single bed for privacy at the top and a double bed below for visiting friends! This is a rad thing to have if you invite friends over all the time. The top bunk with the single bed also has shelves so the top sleeper can access all the things that he would normally have to climb down off the bed to get. So there you have it, you can have triple sleepovers with no further ado. Sleep in a bed instead of a couch. It is the ultimate friend bed.

Hope you enjoy these awesome products! 



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