The creators of Moba, the modern moses basket, have re-invented this classic with quintessentially modern design and eco-friendly materials.

For the first few months of a baby’s life, happy and restful sleep in the right environment is crucial. The Moses basket’s popularity is due to its ability to travel easily around the home and on outings, so the loving parent can always keep a close eye.

The award-winning Moba ticks all the right boxes: it’s hygienic, safe, breathable and durable. Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK, it takes the age-old concept of a Moses basket and crafts it into a unique product characterised by style and safety.

Moba prides themselves in only using responsibly sourced recyclable materials to ensure a low carbon footprint. Furthermore, the high quality and durable design means it will be a part of the family for generations.

One of the Moba basket’s most desirable features is the stunning colours you can choose from – apple green, cornflower blue, rose pink, linen or tangerine! The basket is crafted from an easy-to-clean plastic that is soft, tactile, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. It has over 300 tiny air holes around the sides and base to maximise airflow and regulate temperature.

The Moba basket comes with a luxury foam mattress which is PVC free and can be machine-washed at 60 degrees. The mattress’s 100% cotton liner keeps the interior fresh and protects the mattress from fungal and bacterial contamination. The unlined brushed cotton fabric is sourced from one of the last remaining family-run weaving mills in the UK.

Not forgetting the basket-carrying parent’s comfort, the ergonomic handles have a soft grip and the reinforced base provides extra stability. A beautiful wooden stand has been crafted to safely cradle the Moba basket, and its special locking system enhances the sturdiness. It folds flat and is lightweight, making it practical for storage and traveling.