12 Ways to Recycle Baby Cots

by Janine Pedersen

Every parent has probably thought about the expenses related to having a new baby in the house. Buying new is expensive and selling secondhand not always so viable. It’s a good idea to think about repurposing your used baby furniture once your “baby making factory” has closed shop. Everybody knows about converting cots into toddler beds but you may be looking for added uses after the toddler bed. We have gathered a few great ideas for you which will hopefully inspire you to get creative with some new paint colours and different angles!

  1. Convert your cot into a bench If your cot has a higher side rail on one side it would look really pretty if you turned your cot into a chair or bench. It’s really easy to cut the sides shorter and use some planks as a seat.
    Source: http://cassandradesign.blogspot.com/2011/03/other-three-benches-revealed.html
  2. Create a toddler desk Most cots have adjustable heights for the base. Simply drop the base to the right height and once the side rail is removed it is the perfect writing desk for your toddler. Just add a sturdy board to the base and use chalk paint. Add little baskets or cans for storage and you have a great learning area for your tots.
    Source: http://alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com/2011/08/repurposed-cot.html
  3. Dog bed Man’s best friend deserves a cot of his own. Simply remove the front rail of the cot and cut the legs off completely. Cover the mattress and add a dog bone and toy!
  4. Doll bed Your daughter will love using her old revamped cot for her dolls to sleep in. Remove both long sides, shorten the legs, secure sides and add bedding
  5. Mirrors, Bulletin boards & Chalkboards Use the head and footboard of the cot, remove the legs if necessary, paint if desired, secure mirror or cork to the center panel using the correct kind of glue or paint with blackboard paint. You can even add hanging hardware and turn it into a jewelry board.
  6. Hanging rack The long slatted sides of the cot can be secured to the ceiling for use as a place to hang things – maybe plants, extra stuffed animals, or as a drying rack (you might have to add hooks).
  7. Garden Trellis Use the cot bedspring base as a trellis for houseplants or outside in the garden.
  8. Convert it into a work place Create a sophisticated work space by having a thick piece of glass cut but be sure to sand the edges. Place this on top of the cot. Remove the front side rail and use it as an additional shelf.
    Source: http://achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.in/2011/09/decoracao-original-e-linda-voce-ja.html
  9. Make a day bed/den for your child Perhaps you don’t want to repurpose your cot, but want to just add something to it and make it more useful. Why not add a canopy to it and convert into a day bed or a den for your little ones.
    Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Rainbow-Canopy-for-Your-Childs-Room 
  10. Make a Magazine Rack Conquer the never ending search for the latest magazines, TV guides or reference media in your own. Simply turn an old cot gate on its side and secure to the wall and you have an excellent storage space for those magazines and books.
  11. Make a Towel/Blanket Rack In the same way as above, you can hang beautiful blankets on the rails to keep handy in your lounge for cold winter evenings. Also a great idea for bathrooms to use for hanging towels.
  12. Make a drying rack for your clothes Remove the two cot sides and tie them together at one end. Attach a piece of rope between them at the bottom and stand upright in an A frame positions. Easy to store away.


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