10 x change


Cleverlittlemonkey.co.za is celebrating our 10th Birthday this year and we want to give back to the community, especially the children of South Africa by promoting change through design. Change can be as simple as a thought, a smile or a simple thank you. We want to encourage this through our brand and celebrate the fun things in life by making someone’s dream come true. So in celebration of our birthday and our own make-over we will start by giving away a room make-over to a lucky child. The Competition has officially opened on the 20th of March and we will be running it until 31 October 2015 when the winner will be announced.

That’s not all we will have 9 more campaigns that will tie in to our theme #10xchange10 great things that will bring change to children’s lives through design. We have teamed up with MOMTOBE an organisation that provides baby products to moms in need. We are sponsoring blankets to new born babies over the KZN area and will expand to other areas.

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One lucky child will be selected to win a room make-over from Clever Little Monkey!
To enter send us a photo of your baby or child’s room and tell us why they deserve to win a room.

Help Sponsor a baby blanket to a child in need. We have collaborated with a charity
organisation that provides baby blankets to women in rural areas.
3) 10 GIVEAWAYS over 10 weeks
Subscribers will receive access to enter into our
giveaways only via our newsletter.
The Clever Little Monkey team will visit 10 towns where we host design talks,
DIY tutorials and product reviews and reach out to Orphanage homes or
Schools in need around these towns in the Western Cape
to help them bring change through design.

5) 10 Kids - MAKING CHANGE. #10yearoldadvice
10 year olds give the best advice. We will create twitter profiles for
10 x ten year old kids and ask them for advice on how we can all help
to change the world and make it a better place for the future of our kids.

6) 10 Designers - NEW RANGES
Clever Little Monkey will collaborate with 10 new and/or established
designers/pattern makers/illustrators to launch
10 fresh products which will change kids lives through design.

10 cute and playful DIY videos will be launched on Youtube to show
parents and kids how to easily transform their
space and make change through design.

Clever Little Monkey will post 10 room styling ideas to Facebook to show
how design can be used with our products where followers can tag t
hemselves (or a friend) to a product they like and stand the
chance of winning the product to help transform their child's bedroom.

9) SALES, EVERYDAY at 10:10, 10 DAYS
For 10 days, at 10h10 in the morning, for 1 DAY only
Cleverlittlemonkey.co.za will run a rock bottom price flash sale,
just because sales make everyone happy and
happiness can change everyone else's day!

Clever Little Monkey will post 10 product ideas to a Pinterest board
and run a competition where we ask users to create their own dream
bedroom Pinterest board using these products and
stand a chance to win a proto-type from their room design!