10 Ways to Pull Off a B&W Kids Room

The B&W decor scheme has taken the world by storm now that designers are creating cute monochrome pieces for kids’ bedrooms and nurseries all over the world. We share our top ten tips on how to pull off this monochrome look in a kids bedroom.

1.Keep walls white. Clean white walls are the best way to lighten up a room and give that perfect backdrop for bold black design elements that will help you create the perfect monochrome bedroom.


2. Balance of Colour. You don’t want to split the colours 50/50. It works better if one colour is the focal point while the other covers larger areas. A 30/70 mix works quite well.

3. Stick to monochrome bedding. Simple bedding can go a long way to contributing to the look without becoming boring. We’ve got lovely monochrome bedding styles-shop here.

4. Add black wall decals. Triangles, mountains, thunderbolts, raindrops and crosses…the choices are endless! Choose some decals here.


5. Go graphic with cute scatters. Mix and match scatters of all shapes and sizes to your heart’s content – you’ll never grow tired of B&W!


6. Add a variety of monochrome patterns. You can never go wrong when it comes to layering patterns in a B&W kids bedroom.


7. Stick to white or natural wood furniture & accents. The natural tones of woodgrain pairs beautifully with the graphic elements in B&W themes, as do all natural materials. Look for seagrass mats, wooden toys & decor, Bunni teepees.


8. Add small pops of colour for interest.


9. Create a feature wall in all black. One wall won’t overpower the room too much and creates gorgeous contrast. This works best in a minimalist design style like below.


10. Make a statement wall filled with black and white artwork. There are so many B&W prints available online.


 Shop online for more B&W Kids decor such as rugs, wall-hooks, lamps and more!

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